Warminster Wobble 2016 - free cycling festival

Wiltshire's No.1 cycling festival - 18th/19th June 2016 & it's completely free...

The Warminster Wobble is a two day festival of cycling taking place in Warminster Town park, it's aim is to get people off four wheels and onto two by showing them a glimps of what the worlds most enviromentaly friendly mode of transport has to offer in and around our fair market town.

The product of a crazy idea between two likeminded cyclist while on a bikeride around Heavens Gate, the Wobble has grown and grown over the last eight years and is only set to get bigger, better and hopefully, more inspirational! 


main festival kicks off on Saturday 18th of June at 11am in the Warminster Town Park. 

This year headlining the Warminster Wobble will be Freeride veteren and GT bicycles pro rider Grant "Chopper" Feilder, "Chopper" has been around the world freeride scene for over a decade and has competed all around the world against the world best, he can backflip, frontflip, tail whip and so much more, no-one has a bigger bag of tricks than Chop!  

Returning to the Warminster Wobble 2016 will be the Toddle Wobble and last years big hit, the popular Warmy Shore, a gaggle of brand new wacky bikes will be in attendance, Headz or Trailz return, the ever popular smoothie bike is back and so will the Wessex Blades, Zumba and Pursuit Military and Outdoor Supplies. Oh and not forgeting the delicious pizza bike!

Harridges health club will be back and Frome bike shop Cycology will be bring some cool Trek bikes for you to dribble over.

Rob Rowe from FInely Tuned Ride will be there as always to fixup your bikes and offer advice on any maintenance issues you may have.

We will have more to announce soon.

On Sunday 19th June there is a series of rides from 11am from the town park. There are road rides of various lengths, guided mountain bike rides and a family ride.


This is where the Wobble takes place: